vosyr release notes


  • Fixed a bug where under rare circumstances some sample files were erroneously deleted from the project directory.

  • Fixed a bug where the modal overlays were not resized properly.


  • Added semitone mode to the speed parameter encoder and speed motion data editor.

  • Added swing to the preview sequencer.

  • Added reverb to the preview sequencer.

  • Added numbers and value display to motion steps and reorganized them into groups for better usability.

  • Added motion data link feature for step programmable parameters that have start and end values.

  • Added the ability to add multiple samples with a file dialog window.

  • All rotary encoders, like the whole gui, are resizable now.

  • Minor GUI and style improvements.

  • Stability and performance improvements.

  • Fixed minor bugs.


  • Fixed a bug where the sample rate conversion algorithm causes aliasing (ringing).


  • Added copy and paste for sequences to copy the contents of a sequence from one sequence to another. Works also across projects.

  • Added a function to clear one or all sequences.

  • Added a button to delete all samples.

  • Added an indicator to the sample slot that is shown if a sample is loaded or converted.

  • Changed the display of the available memory to KB if the available memory is lower than 1 MB for more precision with very short and small sample files.

  • Fixed a bug where changing the amp attack parameter has no effect in the preview sequencer.

  • Fixed a bug where sample files with file extensions in capital letters (.WAV/.AIFF/.AIF) could not be added to vosyr.

  • Fixed a bug where the sample rate conversion was not done correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where the available memory for the samples was not calculated correctly and the transfer to the volca sample fails with a memory full error although there was still enough space available in the volca sample.


  • Added preview sequencer for sequences.
    Preview your sequences directly in vosyr and change patterns/parameters in realtime.

  • Added conversion for WAV and AIFF files.
    WAV and AIFF files with 8/16/24/32 Bit bit depth will be automatically converted to volca samples bit depth and sampling frequency, if you add it to a sample slot.

  • Added sample waveform view with start and length parameters.

  • Added function for transfer of selected samples.

  • Added function for deletion of selected samples.

  • Added indicatior for memory usage and duration to single sample slot.

  • Added solo function for parts.

  • Minor GUI changes and style improvements.

  • Stability and performance improvements.

  • Fixed minor bugs.


  • Initial release.